Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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The Rottweiler, feared by many and respected by others. Depicted in films as dangerous guard dogs to millionaires and drug barons, but what is the truth? Is this their true character or are they represented unfairly? Anneka meets top winning Rottweiler Kennels Fantasa Liz Dunhill and her daughter Michaella Dunhill-Hall and takes part in bite work, man trailing, obedience and watching rotties play with small children. We find out the truth behind the rottweiler – will you watch to find out too?

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Presented, Narrated and Produced by By Anneka Svenska

Liz Dunhill
Michaella Dunhill- Hall
Amanda, Nigel and Isaac Beresford
Nichola Linbourne
Jane Smith
Mark and Gail Rigby
Maggie Docherty

Filmed and edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

Additional stills and video from:
Instagram: @ghazii_zgueb
Instagram: @emilsebastiian

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