Mon. May 16th, 2022

Lets try this from another angle

Ride at the Museum with Trials Rider Adrian Guggemos

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180 meets Stockcar, Whip Jump meets Antonov, Wallflip meets Tupolev – this is what happens when Adrian Guggemos demonstrates his tricks at the Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer. That night, technology meets technology. The ace of trial bikes demonstrates his extraordinary skills between historical two and four-wheel classics and really turns up the heat on the iconic wings of the Tupolev Tu-144 at a height of ten metres. Also on board: MotoGP pro Stefan Bradl as night guard.

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00:00 Adrian Guggemos in the museum at night – as a wax figure or real?
00:36 Adrian’s trial action begins
00:45 Stoppie Nosewheelie
00:55 Trial Line in Stock Car exhibition
01:30 180 Transfer Wallride
01:50 Wallride in Caterpillar Shovel
02:01 Whip over jet fighter
02:23 Antonov An-22 Trial Line up, Wallride, Drop down
03:08 Rolling door Slide
03:39 Trust Game: Adrian tricks night watchman Stefan Bradl
04:05 Wallflip on Tupolev
05:00 Credits

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