Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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Real Meanings Behind 19 Strange Dog Behaviors

How to understand your dog better? Dogs’ minds are a mystery and no one knows what’s going on in there like when they accidentally pull out a new, strange thing. Unpredictable and unexpected, they run in circles, fight with furniture, and watch TV all while keeping us guessing. But one thing stays clear: even if we can’t explain dogs’ behavior, we’ll never get bored of having them by our side.

According to studies, the domestic dog is a subspecies of the gray wolf, and their behavior has the same roots and common features. When you try to read a dog’s mood, pay attention to many details like their tail, ears, teeth, eyes. Otherwise, you may miss something important! For example, if your normally amiable pooch suddenly starts growling at you when you look it in the eye, well, stop doing that: dogs take such a straightforward look as a challenge and may even attack or start barking at you. So, we decided it’s time to decode all those hidden signals dogs give out.


Growling 0:02
Going in circles 0:24
Running in circles 0:53
Scooting a bottom across the floor 1:19
Howling 1:45
Yawning 2:08
Cuddles 2:28
Covering in mud 2:49
Eating grass 3:57
Winking 4:27
Hauling their bowls around 4:57
Jerking their legs 5:23
Barking in sleep 6:23
Aggressive behavior towards humans 8:02

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