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Pets That Returned Home After Being Lost!

Hi everyone, it’s Chris! From dogs that ran away and reappeared 7 years later, to birds that came back speaking a new language, here are 13 stories of pets who returned home after being lost! This video was done in collaboration with Origins Explained!

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13. Corky the Dog
This story took place back in 2009, and it’s not your typical lost pet story. The Montez family had gotten themselves a one-year-old terrier mix that they named Corky. The children got Corky as a gift from their parents. But not long after they got him, he ran off into the grander state of Texas.

12. A Prince Among Soldiers
This is the tale of an Irish Terrier named Prince, who was owned by a soldier named James Brown, one who lived in Staffordshire, England and would be a private in the army during World War I. This certain tidbit is key in the story that is to come. Brown was one of the first people deployed in the war against Germany. He was sent to France along with many other men, and though his family took his deployment hard, Prince took it even harder.

11. Craigslist Horse
In San Antonio, Texas, a woman named Michelle Pool was set to have back surgery. She had a prized horse she called Opie, and wanted to make sure he was taken care of. But, moving him to where she would be while she recovered would be very expensive. So, she asked her father to look after the horse. Problem was, he didn’t have a stable to house the horse in, so he let the horse roam an area with a simple wire fence as a deterrent.

10. Tuff The Dog
The sad fact of life is that sometimes animals get lost without the owners even having a hand in doing anything, like accidentally leaving a fence unlocked or a door open. Such is the case with Tuff, a lab who was riding with his owner Chris Jackson in his truck. Jackson went to a bar with the dog, then chained him up like a good owner should, then went inside to have a drink.

9. Laser The Beagle
Animals are known to show all kinds of emotion, but one that gets forgotten that they emote is fear, so when a three-year-old beagle named Laser heard a fireworks display go off near the family while they were on vacation in a cottage, he bolted, afraid for his life.

8. Nigel the Parrot
This is the story of a man named Darren Chick, who had a parrot that he called Nigel. Darren was British, and so when he talked with Nigel, Nigel would respond with a British accent. However, in 2010, Nigel had somehow flown away, leaving Darren heartbroken.

7. Woosie The Cat
There was a cat named Woosie, who lived in England with her owners Helen and Phillip Johns. They were very happy together. Then, one day, Woosie somehow got out of the house and started to wander around. By that I mean that this cat walked 30 miles away from the house.

6. Moon The Husky
Doug Dashell had three dogs, and one day, he decided to go out with them on a trip. Yet during the journey, he had to take a leak. So, he stopped the car, did his business, and returned. When he did though, one of his dogs, a Siberian Husky named Moon, had somehow bolted from the truck. Naturally worried, Dashell searched the area for Moon, but didn’t find the Husky. So, he went home to Ely, Nevada.

5. Kuza The Cat
Russia can be a quite unforgiving country due to it terrain, weather, and predators, and it’s no place to lose a pet that isn’t trained for these factors. So, when Kuza the cat ran away from his family while vacationing with them in Russia, the owners soon gave up hope after lots of searching.

4. Sage The Dog
Sage was a German Shepherd, and this was a very loyal, and punctual, dog. So much so that every day, the dog would be waiting for the owner on the step to his house. But one day, Sage wasn’t there. A week passed, and the owner gave up hope. Thankfully, Sage didn’t give up on life.

3. Suika The Cat
In 2011, a tsunami hit part of Japan. When it did, the massive wave hit many tall buildings, including one that had a black cat named Suika. The power of the water took the cat and pulled it very far from its home.

2. Manuela The Tortoise
When you find that the pet was lost within your own house for 30 years and is still alive…you must have a tortoise in the family. This very true story comes from Rio De Janerio, Brazil. Where a family called the Almeida’s had a tortoise named Manuela. This tortoise was beloved by the family, but then one day, he disappeared. How does a tortoise disappear?

1. Giggle-Blizzard The Cat
This is the story of a cat named Giggle-Blizzard, and yes, that is its real name. Somehow, Giggle-Blizzard found itself lost and far away from home. The cats owner, Tracie, did all that she could to bring awareness to her cat being missing, but no one had reported any sightings. This was likely because of the situation that Giggle-Blizzard found itself in. You see, the cat had gotten its back legs utterly crushed because of a car.

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