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Pet Fox Jumps on Moms Shoulders for Attention | Funny Compilation

When your Hooman wants to chill but you want attention, this is THE way to get what you want! Jumping, nibbling, tickling, laughing, and of course acting cute…!

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1) Where do you come from?
I was raised by both my foxy parents and the extra milk-bottle-feeding-hooman in a warm house. When they couldn’t take care of me any more (my mom passed away) I got to live in my forever home with my two most favourite hoomans! We take long walks at the sand drifts, I get lots of living insects, meat and treats to eat, and I have infinite hours of play-time with other hoomans, woofers and meow-meows.

2) Why do I live with hoomans?
I come from a long line of bred-in-captivity foxes (over 30 years). These days considerably less fennecs are still wild catch and sold as pets. Most of my wild relatives are trophy hunted; putting a lot of stress on our population. So, please, don’t be sad that I live with my hoomans. I like to not have to fight for my home and food, and that I don’t have to share my bed, toys, couch, treats, puzzles and sandbox with other fennecs.
If you ever get interested in getting a fennec make sure the breeder is 100% reliable and fair to the foxes!

3) What it’s like to live with me?
My hooman grandmother said that I’m like having human triplets who are about 2 years old. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, though… I’m a full time job, so forget about going anywhere if you own me (14 years long). Without the right care I will stay wild minded and bite you until you bleed. I get scared easily if not well socialized and I am destructive when bored. I am messy, loud, a loner, moody, troublesome and a tiny excavator.

4) So how do you take care of me?
My diet should contain 90% meat and insects, and 10% fruit and vegetables. I need many insects, like wax-worms, super worms, phoenix worms, dubia roaches and locusts. The meat should be low on Retinol (Vitamin A, which is in fat), and contain enough Taurine (can be found in chicken/turkey hearts) and Calcium (as in uncooked, minced bones). Vegetables and fruit should not contain too much carbohydrates or belong to the nightshade family. Grain, flour and other starchy ingredients like tapioca should be avoided as it contains no nutritious value. Dog and cat kibble is yuck and unhealthy! I only like the Saharan cuisine.
I don’t like busy city’s, small apartments or many hoomans. I like a large FOX PROOF house with a fenced garden where I can run run run, sandbox for dig dig dig, heating and lots of toys, insects and food puzzles.

5) What about my fox language?
I speak another language than woofers and meow-meows, and can make up to more than 40 calls and sounds. I produce more decibels than club party music. When I flatten my ears, wag my fluffy tail and even tremble or shake, it means that I am no threat to you and I am excited to play! I even laugh out loud when I’m very happy! I like to scream, which means I’m happy to see you. And I like to scream when I want to be alone. I can bark too!

6) Can I be trained like a dog?
I’m not easily trained. If you like to try you should be a stay-at-home-hooman and watch my every moment 24/7. That way you can put me near the litter box when I need to go, and maybe I will even use it. If you have any treats, I can sit for you. However, I’d rather train my hoomans to clean pee from … uh… my couch!

7) My cat bell
Although my ears are HUGE, they aren’t extra sensible to high or loud noises. They actually contain blood vessels which widen to dissipate heat and help me cool down. My paws are floofy to protect me from hot desert sand, and I walk around with no sound. That’s why I need the tiny bell sometimes. Otherwise clumsy hoomans will stumble over me! I’m too speedy and stealthy for them!!

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