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Lets try this from another angle

Music Pets Love: While You Are Gone (Dogs Cats Birds) I own this whole series, and my animals love them, as do I. It is a brilliant project of one of my most favorite artists, Bradley Joseph. Only two songs are represented here, so visit for more samples. This series is also among the most popular pet items at

From Wikipedia:

“While You Are Gone” is series of CD and DVD projects released by Bradley Joseph on the Robbins Island Music label. Instrumental music mixed with short stories, and soft animal and nature sounds, designed to create a peaceful environment for pets who are left alone or for the owner who needs quiet time.[1] These projects began when he noticed reactions to certain types of music by his own pets.[2] “I finally have solid proof that I don’t take life too seriously”, says Joseph.[3]

Projects within the “While You Are Gone” series include:
Music Pets Love: While You Are Gone” (CD) (2004)
Music Dogs Love: While You Are Gone (CD) (2007)
Music Cats Love: While You Are Gone (CD) (2007)
Music Birds Love: While You Are Gone (CD) (2008)
Music Pets Love: The Holiday Edition (While You Are Gone) (CD) (2008)
DVD for Dogs: While You Are Gone (2007)
DVD for Cats: While You Are Gone (2007)

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