Tue. May 24th, 2022


Lets try this from another angle

Motorsports Molly’s New 4 eye Fox in for suspension and alignment work! From Lucore Automotive

If you are a fan or follower of this channel you know we have done more than our fair share of racecar suspension and alignment work. From autocross and road race cars, to off road, to drag racing we support our customers in everything they do. In this case Motorsports Molly brought her freshly built fox body Mustang to make sure she was track ready and this newly assembled monster would go straight once she let it off it’s leash.

When it comes to alignment and suspension setups are are talking in degrees and tenths of degrees, every little bit can change how a vehicle performs. When it comes to a drag racing alignment as the saying goes “The shortest path between two points is a straight line” so we try to ensure everything will hook and launch straight. If the car and driver are doing battle down the track, wiggling left and right they are not only adding distance they have to travel but can also be getting into areas of worse and worse traction.

Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan and we ran into a couple minor issues, you’ll see some of that in this video. We are honored to be able to help Molly, Bill, Billy, and the whole Street Racing Channel / SRC Garage team get their rides ready so we worked a little overtime for them to make sure this thing was ready for the track! All challenges were overcome and this Mustang was ready to boogie… if you haven’t seen how her weekend ended up we HIGHLY recommend you jump over to her channel to give it a watch!

Lucore Automotive is a small independent american small business located just outside Columbus Ohio. While we are a full service shop that maintains and repairs countless daily drivers we are also well known for our work on classics, race cars, and collector cars.

We would like to thank all of our friends, fans, follower, supporters, subscribers, and most importantly customers for being here with us! Without the wonderful people who let us work on their toys, and help their dreams come true we wouldn’t be in business!

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