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If You See This Dog… RUN!

10 Dogs That You Should Fear The Most

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Dog Breeds That You Should
Fear The Most
Everyone loves dogs, and for good reason too. It's difficult to find a human being as friendly and as loyal
as a well-trained dog. Dogs will protect their owners and may even give up their lives to save their
families if need be.
However, there are some dogs that you should actually fear. These hounds are the least domesticated
animals you'll ever meet, and they can make your life unbearable if not trained properly.
And today, we'll be introducing you to ten dogs that you should absolutely be scared of.
You would definitely not believe the dog breed that takes the top spot on this list.
#10 Siberian Husky
At the bottom of this list, we have the Siberian Husky. Siberian huskies are generally huge dogs and they
can weigh up to seventy pounds. They also have very thick fur and this probably because they were bred
to live in the coldest parts of Siberia.
These dogs were originally bred to pull sleds over long distances in cold climates, and to be efficient at
this task, huskies needed to be huge, strong, in possession of a very thick fur. Most people who own
Siberian huskies do not report aggressive behaviour, and this is probably because huskies are one of the
easiest dogs to train. Since they are easy to train, these dogs generally don't grow up to be the
dangerous aggressive dogs that they could be without training.
However, if not socialized and trained properly, the Siberian Husky could be bad news to everyone. One
standout feature of the husky is that the dog usually howls instead of barking. This, of course, isn't that
scary, but it tells you that the link between huskies and wolves aren't as thin as with other dogs.
Additionally, huskies are extremely territorial and they definitely do not play well with other dogs.
Thankfully, it isn't all bad news. You can trust Siberian huskies with children. For some reason, they are
exceptionally careful with kids. However, strangers should beware— things can really go south if the dog
has had a bad day.
#9 German Shepherds
If you own a German shepherd, you're probably thinking, well, that can't be true. A German shepherd
isn't scary! I own one, and I'm never scared of it.
Well, that's probably because the dog knows, recognises and loves you! Even wild animals like lions and
tigers do not attack human beings that they know, talk less of actual dogs.

The first thing that's scary about the German Shepherd is its size. They are really big dogs, and they can
reach a weight of about 85 pounds. On its own, this doesn't make the dogs scary. Well, until you learn
that German shepherds were used as military dogs by the French and Germans during World War II.
Imagine how aggressive and scary a dog has to be useful for such criminal hunting purposes! Exactly!
#8 Dalmatian
If you've watched a hundred and one Dalmatians, you probably think this specific breed of dog is the
next great thing after sliced bread.
But that couldn't be farther from the truth.
Dalmatians were originally bred in Croatia and were sometimes used as dogs of war. Because of this,
Dalmatians have a strong guarding instinct. While this makes it great for its owners, it can be a
nightmare for strangers. They also have a strong hunting instinct and have been used as hunting dogs in
the past.
All this means that Dalmatians can be wreck havoc if they have the need to. That's why it's very
important to socialize them early and train them properly. A badly trained Dalmatian is a dog that poses
a threat to everyone.
#7 Jack Russell Terrier
The Jack Russel Terrier is one dog that looks pretty small. And of course, since it's a small dog, you're
probably forced to ask why it's on this list. The dog may have sharp teeth, but it certainly doesn't pose a
huge threat to anyone.
Right? Right?
Well, you would be wrong if you thought that.
For one, Jack Russel terriers are one of the dogs most likely to attack human beings. Yes, you're more
likely to be attacked by a Jack Russel terrier than a pit bull terrier or even a rottweiler. Surprised? Well,
we were too.
But that's not the only reason why you should be absolutely terrified of Jack Russel terriers. If one of
these dogs attack a full-grown adult, they would only have a few minor injuries. Sadly, this isn't the case
for children— and these dogs are especially impatient with children. That's most dog handlers would
never recommend Jack Russel terriers to families with little children. The dog is simply not worth the

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