Mon. May 16th, 2022

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Humane Society CEO speaks about having pets during the coronavirus pandemic

Many people are spending more time at home with pets during the coronavirus pandemic, but for some who are out of work, it can be a financial hardship.
Kitty Block, the President and CEO of the Humane Society in the United States, says it’s a crucial time for people to foster and adopt pets in order to make room for the pets that have to be given up.
“Some of the trickier things and challenging things are people who have become ill from the virus and are unable to take care of their animals, their pet, or if they are in a financially stressed situation where they can’t continue,” she said. “That’s why we’re working with our shelter partners across the country to help get the message out that people should foster and adopt if they can during this time, it’s good for them, it’s great for the animal. So it frees up space in the shelter to take these animals in that may be displaced because their family member, their owner is ill or financially in a troubled situation. So that’s why the Humane Society in the United States also goes out in the communities through our Pets For Life program working with pet pantries to stock food for people who may need that during this time.”
Block says usually the Humane Society can target certain areas that may need help with animals but because the pandemic is global, there are more locations that need help.
“This is a bit different because first of all there’s so much uncertainty around it. Second of all, it’s global. There’s not just pressure in one area or one state. A lot of time in hurricanes or floods, we work to get those animals out of the shelters that are in those impacted areas and into other shelters where they’re not having that problem and therefore that helps that shelter and we can really concentrate in that area. This is happening across the country and across the world so obviously a lot more challenges here,” she said.

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