Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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Hamster Obstacle Course Maze With Lava Trap – Hamster Knight Rescue Princess Pets Hamster Escape

Hamster Obstacle Course Maze With Lava Trap. Hamster Escape Princess Pets is rescued by Hamster Knight. Princess Hamster is imprisoned in Lava Volcano and brave hamster knight has set out to rescue the beauty. As Sleeping Beauty she was trapped to slumber 100 years. She was abducted and imprisoned deep in Lava Volcanoes.
Lava Volcanoes is a challenging volcano with extremely difficult and dangerous obstacles, the knight needs a brave heart to reach the place where the princess is imprisoned. On the way there are many monsters, mysterious caves, and of course there is a lot of lava on the journey.
Will the knight hamster defeat the monsters and fight the bad guys to rescue the princess? Can you two go home safely together? Let’s enjoy!

Hope you have some fun with Life Of Pets HamHam
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