Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Lets try this from another angle

Giant Dog Saves Baby!! He Jumps In Her Crib To Protect Her!! (Cutest Dog Ever!)

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Hey guys! So we genuinely wasn’t sure what the dogs would do If we pretended something was wrong. I would have put money on Niko probably making a lot of noise then Phil just thinking it was a game and playing along!

Genuinely shocked that Phil went straight into protect and jumped in the crib haha. Who would have thought he could even clear that! He such a good bodyguard, Mia is so lucky to have all her fluffy pets.

Armed with this new information we tried to see if Niko would do it, but that’s for another video…

Ok so Phil protects for all of 30 seconds then the video is about Mia and her climbing set haha, she’s just too cute not to film. We got the outdoor soft play set some time ago but its been bad weather for ages so finally decided to bring some of it in for her now she’s taken to climbing stairs that you will have seen in a video a few days ago!

Mia loves all of her fluffy guardians and they love her back so much. Deep down we all know they are her protectors!

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Love from all the family xx

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