Thu. May 19th, 2022

Lets try this from another angle

Dog’s huge laceration heals quickly after surgery.

Meet Lucky-love, who suffered a horrendous laceration but had the good luck of living in a city with a street animal rescue service, AND a caring family who saw his wound just minutes after it happened. They didn’t see what hit him, but it looks like he went straight to the family for help. And they knew just what to do: they called Animal Aid and within a few hours Lucky-love was in our surgery having the huge wound repaired.

Lucky-love doesn’t live inside anyone’s house. He has neighborhood friends both animals and humans and lives a life of cheerful adventure on a peaceful street with kind neighbors. How lucky we were to see his home turf and be reminded that life for many street dogs is beautiful, when there is a caring family and a responsive rescue team, who he turned to for one last cuddle before rejoining his neighborhood friends.

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