Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

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Creative Repurposing Ideas! DIY Room Decorations and Other Useful Crafts!

Do you feel that you’re missing something in your room? Don’t rush to the shop just yet! Take a look at our creative repurposing crafts to get some inspiration! Maybe you need a cute photo display wall? We can teach you how to do that! Having friends over, but don’t have a sound system? Not a problem, we have a hack for that too! All of these useful DIY ideas and even more creative room decoration ideas are ready for you!

00:00 Photo Display
01:05 Sound Amplifier
02:33 Ikea Stool Table
03:33 Resin Phone Case
04:25 DIY Mattress
05:27 Bucket Planter
06:41 Chair Cushion
08:08 Paper Cup Lights
09:28 Domino Clock

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