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Lets try this from another angle

Buying Worlds Fastest Dog EVERYTHING she touches!

Wait until you see how fast these greyhound rescue dogs can shop! 😂🙌😍 And a BIG thanks to Furbo Dog Camera for helping us help dogs. Get yours here: http://hello.furbo.com/rocky use code ROCKY for $20 off

I take the worlds fastest dogs, GREYHOUNDS shopping for everything they want. If you love Steffi, Millhouse the partially blind special needs greyhound or the greyhound Jelly then you have to check out Greyhound Adoption Center here! http://bit.ly/greyhoundadoption

Go stop by Theresa’s Country Feed & Pet if you are anywhere close. They help a lot of dogs and shopping local is SO important. Make sure you tell them you saw this video.

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Special thanks to Blake Grigsby for doing an awesome job taking Millhouse the blind dog shopping!

Did you know that Greyhounds are the second fastest animal in the world only second to the cheetah ?! Greyhounds can run up to 45 miles and hour and when they run they are in the air 75% of the time. Here are some more interesting facts about greyhounds:
The gentle intelligent dog that has long powerful legs a deep chest and slim build can weigh up to 88 lbs. The Greyhound dog temperament can allof and indifferent to strangers but very affectionate with their family. Sometimes greyhounds are muzzled while racing leading some to believe they are aggressive dogs but it is just to prevent them from nipping while racing or right after. Greyhound racing has been banned in a lot of areas throughout the United States and the rest of the world. The are many problems with greyhound racing but the basic issue is that many of the dogs are treated inhumane and discarded after racing. They have been found to be left in crates for most of the day with very little human interaction or exposure to the world. Then if/when they are even given the chance to be with a family they struggle with adjusting because everything is so new and different. The good news is that there are rescues like Greyhound Adoption Center that is working hard to help these greyounds.
And heres the thing. Greyhounds make WONDERFUL pets. They are loving, enjoy the company of humans and other dogs and are often referred to as 40 mile per hour couch potatoes. People often ask are greyhounds hyperactive? The answer is usually no. They can be apartment dogs and don’t require much space. They typically sleep 18 hours or more a day.

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