Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Lets try this from another angle

Baby Learns To Climb Stairs And Giant Dog Tries To Protect Her (Cutest Video EVER!!)

Hey! So Mia has been trying to shoot off out of site recently and keeps making a great escape for the hallway. We thought we’d give her some (guided) independence and see what she does!

Turns out she’s already capable of completing the full flight of stairs haha! Obviously she was guarded but Niko thought that wasn’t enough and had tp come check everything was ok, she looked a bit on edge by the situation pausing by Mia. Dogs are so smart aren’t they!

Once Mia made it to the top of victory Niko could rest and just wanted cuddles! In the name of efficiency Shane decides to have a cuddle sandwich with Niko and Mia!!

Don’t worry Mia is never unsupervised and the baby gate is on its way and day now.

I think Phil must have found some food as he was nowhere to be seen haha.

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