Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

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This time we prepared the cutest hacks possible because it’s all about our favorite pets!
We love our pets and care of them and always want the best for our little cuties but you don’t need to spend tons of money. Find out cheap and cool tips we prepared in our video!
Are pet toys too expensive? The answer is recycling! Why? There are a lot of reasons and the first one is that is a way to help the environment. You not only save money but also help the environment by reducing waste.
We will show you how to make cat or dog feeders from simple plastic bottles.
Save the tubes from your toilet paper rolls, and you can make anything from a cool ball.
Make DIY pet grooming gloves, the only thing you need is rubber dishwashing gloves and make little hot glue dots all over them
Use a piece of paper and a thread to make cute little origami butterflies.
How many old clothes do you have at home? Upcycle into something cool: turn an old sweatshirt and jeans into a bed for your dog; transform your old socks into a cat sweater. What a sweet idea! Old t-shirts could be transformed into a cat house! Your cat will totally love abed made out of a cardboard box and an old t-shirt.
Find out an unexpected use of sandpaper!
Are you tired of scratched corners and furniture in your home? We will show you how to make a cool DIY claw sharpener for your cat. All you need is a piece of wood, and an old piece of carpet, and a piece of rotang rope. It won’t take much effort but your cat gonna love the result.
Sometimes it’s so difficult to take awesome pictures of your cat or dog because they usually ignore the camera. We have a genius solution, make a very simple device! Watch our video to see how to use your phone and ball to attract the attention of your lovely pet.
Watch our video and find a whole collection of easy and helpful ideas!

00:06 DIY cat feeder
00:46 DIY pet grooming gloves
01:15 DIY toys for cats
02:17 Origami butterflies
04:11 Cozy dog bed

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