Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Lets try this from another angle

14 DIY Baby Doll Hacks and Crafts / Miniature Baby, Baby Wear, Swaddle and More!

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18 Barbie and LOL Surprise DIYs:
Today, the most unusual characters from the puppet world are in the spotlight. Barbie dolls Dragon and Unicorn are pregnant. Rather watch ideas and life hacks in our new video.

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paint set
• rubber egg
• black and red leather
• sequined fabric
• tulle
• foam paper
• glittery foam paper
• modeling clay
• eyedrop bottle
• printed image of KFC bucket
• cardboard
• toothpicks
• light clay
• bread crumbs
• colored cardboard
• printed labels of medicines
• black glitter
• fabric with a rainbow design
• fabric for a sundress
• pom-pom ribbon
• needle and thread
• clear nail polish
• plastic bottle ring
• small plastic roses
• stuffing
• fabric with a unicorn pattern
• small bottle with a cork
• plastic bassinet and warm water
• three-color bath bomb

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